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  • Trystan Cook

The Biggest Water Fight in the World?

Have you ever reminisced about those carefree summer days filled with water fights and endless fun? Well, imagine taking that excitement to a whole new level with an entire country! That's exactly what happens during Thingyan - Myanmar's Water Festival.

First and foremost, let's talk about dates. Every year from April 13th to 16th, the festival is a time of raucous celebration that involves, you guessed it, water. There is a lot of water. While Myanmar is the main attraction, other countries in the region, including Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia, also participate in the watery fun.

So, what is Thingyan all about? It's a time of spiritual renewal, when people cleanse themselves of their sins from the previous year and begin again. What better way to do so than with a massive water fight? The festival also includes traditional dress, music, and dance, but let's be honest: the water is the main attraction.

Imagine a crowd of people armed to the teeth with water guns, hoses, and buckets, ready to drench anyone and everyone in their path. It's similar to a massive water war, but with a deeper cultural significance in Myanmar. It's not just the young people who are having a good time. People of all ages take to the streets to celebrate and drench each other, from young children to elderly grandmothers.

This isn't just a festival of fun and games. It is also a time for charitable giving. People set up temporary stalls along the streets, providing food and drink to anyone in need, regardless of background or social status. It's a time for people to come together and celebrate their community.

Of course, with all that water flying around, a few mishaps are unavoidable. However, the festival organisers have taken precautions to keep everyone safe. They set up designated water fight zones and encourage people to dress appropriately so that their clothes don't get ruined by all the water.

To summarize, the Thingyan festival is a celebration of joy, community, and water, lots of it. It is also a time for renewal and reflection when people gather to cleanse themselves of the past and begin again. And, while it may appear to be all fun and games, the festival has a deeper meaning, a sense of community and charity that truly distinguishes it.

So to celebrate Myanmar Month, we'll be holding a water fight in Cardiff in the middle of April. Or.........we could serve a special hotpot broth, food, drinks and dessert that captures the spirit of the country.

If we did, it would look like this

Right, grab your super soakers and your cold tablets. I'll see you all outside the castle.

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