To present to the people of Wales and beyond, authentic Asian taste experiences. We strive to make them accessible, so all can enjoy the wonderment and uniqueness of dining in parts of Asia. Through bridging cultures, we can celebrate our differences, but more importantly, to recognize how we are the same.


What is Hotpot?

Hotpot is an exceptionally social dining experience and is an integral part of Chinese culture. Hotpot is very common in Asia, but it's not that well-known in the West. We're delighted to be the first restaurant in Wales to provide you with the hotpot experience!

The basic premise involves cooking your food yourself, using induction plates installed into the tables. The large hotpot pan has a divider down the middle, and is filled with 2 different flavours of broth. Food is brought to the table and you cook it in the hotpot broth. The food only takes a few minutes to cook, and then you can dip it in our selection of dipping sauces and garnishes.

Want to know more? Click on our video below to see how it works.

How easy is Hotpot?

Hotpot might seem strange (and a little daunting) but is surprisingly simple. Here's the 4-step process:


  1. Choose the broths, you can customise the spice level.

  2. Choose your ingredients from a wide selection of meats, fresh vegetables, seafood, tofu and noodles.

  3. Choose your sauces for dipping.

  4. Cook and enjoy!


Some of our improvements

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We worked on having a cleaner, more authentic taste.


From our thin cuts of meat to hand made steamed buns.

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We have added sleek glass tops and wireless charging for phones.


Order and pay at the table with our own app. For eating in, pick-up and delivery.

Image by Christian Wiediger

Our aims

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To make Hotpot as inclusive and as easy as possible. Making it both friendly and approachable for all to enjoy.


To have an environment that enhances social gatherings and celebrate the joy in spending time in good company.


To offer Hotpot that is authentic and true to the East for both inexperienced and experienced equally.


To constantly improve our services, foods and drinks.