Vegware is a company we have as a supplier who provides commercially compostable food packaging. Click on the link if you like to know more about them.


As a choice, you can drop the packaging back to us in any state you like. We'll dispose of the leftover foods, rinse out and stack into a box. When we reach the limit, we'll get a special courier to collect and deliver to a suitable facility to compost. Vegware is currently in discussions for Cardiff Council to compost their products. Hopefully, soon you can pop them in your compost bin.
As well as keeping the oceans less cluttered with plastic packaging food waste, composted items also aid towards renewable energy.


We use new technology like inductions that are on all our tables at the front. We don't use any gas at the back; we use only 100% electricity. Our supplier is Octopus Energy, who are very committed to providing 100% renewable energy to domestic homes and businesses. If you are interested in knowing more, please click on this link to their website.


Octapus Energy.jpg


Cardiff is the 4th worst city for air quality, and this is worse than in London! Unless the journey for food delivery is particularly far out, using cars seems unnecessary. The best option is to use no fuel at all, peddle bikes are the most ideal for a place like Cardiff. They don't get caught in traffic, and they don't contribute to the co2 footprint to our city or planet. That is why Hotpot Spot will only use peddle-bikes for our deliveries, good for health, good for the environment.


Their slogan is 'Sustainable living', and they are focused on the reduction in packaging waste and other eco-friendly methods. We're fortunate to have them set up across the road from us. Any ingredients we need, we buy by reusing our containers, thereby eliminating packaging waste. Their approach to dealing with packaging waste is fantastic. Please give them a visit.