St David’s Day/Month with Cawl Hotpot

St David’s Day/Month with Cawl Hotpot
Cawl Hotpot
Cawl Hotpot set
Hotpot has been around for a 1000 years and has a few theories on it’s origins. In that time it has spread from Mongolia and China to other countries in which they shaped to their liking. In Korea they had hotpot which used war rations like canned spam and hotdogs. Japan has Hotpot and also something a little different called Shabu Shabu which involves meat swished in Kombu (edible kelp). Even different parts of China have their own versions. Chongqing which is a city that has the worlds most Hotpot restaurants, have their hotpot extremely spicy. Beijing like mutton and lamb with sesame dipping sauces. Also the area can affect what ingredients go into hotpot. Like in Tibet where they have Yak as their meat.

So a 1000 years it’s finally in Wales. Since Wales has won the rugby against England just before St David’s Day. We have come up with a dish to celebrate the month. Or more accurately we have fused together Asian Hotpot with the National dish of Wales…..Cawl.

I grew up on Cawl, usually as a starter for a main Sunday dinner. I always like the potatoes and carrots that became soft along with the soup that it was in. To me it tastes like home.

Our Cawl set has swedes, potatoes, carrots, parsnips and of course not forgetting the National Emblem – Leeks. Anyone who wants meat as well there is lamb rolls and lamb balls which we now sell. The lamb balls are new and made in house, nothing processed just 100 percent lamb mince.

When the hotpot comes to the table, you put all the vegetables into hotpot to stew. Lamb goes after to avoid overcooking it and after 1 minute the cawl can be dished up using the ladles. All the veg and lamb will create a lovely soup and served up by yourself. Asian cooking method mixed with traditional Welsh ingredients.

We also have Welsh rarebit done with an Asian twist. The roux is made with grinded up Sichuan peppercorns and Chinese black vinegar along with cheese. Like Worcester sauce which is quite strong, Chinese black vinegar is a great Asian alternative. So get a saucer of it from our sauce station and put it on top to get a satisfying flavour.

Both of these are already on our set menu list, so if you fancy Cawl with a twist come in a try. Our restaurant is located on both Albany and Wellfield Road, upstairs in the Globe Centre. We’ll have this Cawl set during the Month of March.

Hapus Dydd Gŵyl Dewi

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