Introducing Biang biang mian (Belt Noodles)

Introducing Biang biang mian (Belt Noodles)

Chinese New Year celebrations have now ended but it’s still the start of the Year of the Pig. So we are still rolling with the pork broth as well as deals on pork slices and pork balls until March. What goes well with all that pork would be something called Belt Noodles. In Chinese they are called Biang biang mian and are made from flour. Not available in stores, they have to be specially made by hand by lightly pulling and slamming. The name is an onomatopoeia from the sound it makes when it gets stretched and slapped on a rolling board. BIANG, BIANG!

It also has the unique title as the most complicated Chinese Character ever, consisting of 58 strokes!

A kind of similar equivalent for the Welsh is the town called Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. Which the long name was created in 1869 and gained much publicity at the time for longest train station name in the world. Compare that to Biang character which garnered much attention also, the creator was a University Professor called Sijun Wang who got more publicly known because of it. He devised it as punishment for students who are regularly late to his lectures. (They had to write it out 1000 times!).

Belt Noodle

Well eating these noodles is way better than writing it out a thousand times. We hand make these in-house and are available on the menu very soon, they are also great for vegans and vegetarians. A couple of diners have already tried it and said it was different yet super tasty.

Also if you like a challenge, you can even have a free dish of it if you can write it’s chinese character from memory (traditional character, stroke order not needed).

Unlike Professor Wang, writing it just once will be enough for us.


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    Darren Holmes

    I cant wait, booked last night quite late, got the date wrong because im a noob, responded to my booking text asking for a switch, they did it no fuss what an amazing booking service. Can’t wait to go I miss hot pots so much!

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      Hi Darren. The booking system is designed mostly for when I make mistakes, which I do occasionally. It does a great job at the moment in catching errors.

      Glad to hear your looking forward to Hotpot. We’ll see you very soon.

      All the best

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